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The Best Aerial Media and Aerial Surveillance Operator is here!
Foley Flight Leasing is your best choice in Canada when it comes to Aerial Media Services and/or Aerial Surveillance. 

Flight Foley Leasing serves you with the highest level of safety. We have a perfect safety record and provide professional service, whether its providing you Airborne News and Traffic coverage, aerial mapping or aerial hydro meter scanning. 

Why choose us?

  • We have over 26 + years of experience.
  • Well over 27,000 hours with a perfect safety record.
  • We are the most experienced Media and Aerial Surveillance Operator with decades of experience and support for long term operations.
  • Extensive experience in rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft.
  • We have our own Maintenance Facility to meet all our demands including aircraft parts and service which is the key to success.

Our services include:

  • Airborne traffic reports, information and news.
  • We fly more hours than the competition.
  • The highest standard of flight safety.
  • Excellent Service.
  • Aerial photographic and aerial surveillance platform using Cessna aircraft.
  • Specific flight training for the pilots and for the unique jobs tasks in order to maximize productivity and reduce costs to the client.
  • ​Competitive Rates.
  • Reporter Training, ground and in-flight.
  • Customized aircraft maintenance for increased safety, reliability & performance.
  • Customized aircraft marking for Media Outlets & companies.
  • More airborne consistency than the competition thus increased listener perception with more up to date information.

Ask us about our new developing "All Day Airborne Traffic Coverage"
Open weekdays 8-4 pm
Saturdays & Sundays
Foley Flight Leasing Inc. ®  11065 160A Street, Surrey, British Columbia  V4N4R5
Feel Safe with the most experienced Aerial Media Pilot in Canada
Foley Flight Leasing has provided some of Canada's largest News and Media networks the best service, the most reliability, a perfect safety record, with the highest quality of reports and coverage outperforming all competitors year after year. 

Your Aerial Mapping needs can be taken care of right away with Foley Flight Leasing. With not only single engine aircraft but also twin engine and rotary wing aircraft.

Currently upgrading to provide aerial hydro meter scanning with not only all types of aircraft but to include the future use of Drones once certification is complete.